Sport & nature as therapy

Nothing is as therapeutical as spending quality time outdoors. Not to me at least, and I know many of you out there agree. The few people who don't agree have probably never really experienced quality time outdoors. In nature we get to collect energy, clear negative thoughts, find perspective and breathe fresh air. We are ment to spend our days outdoors, feeling the elements in and on our bodies. More and more we are loosing this connection and that's why its power hits us so hard when we venture out every now and then. Anyone who has experienced the power of any kind of therapy will recognize it when connecting to nature.

Preparation is key

I am just thinking of this today because I am getting prepared for a weekend in the Alps. I am trying to borrow some ski gear from friends, but I will also have to buy some new stuff, like ski boots. How to choose ski boots? Well, don't ask your friends for advice - that's my first piece of advice, because they will all tell you different things. You can find a great deal of information online, both on Youtube - of course - but also on sites like

When it comes to extreme weather conditions being well prepped is everything to get a good experience. You don't want to be cold or uncomfortable when visiting cold and snowy environments. Skiing is an amazing sport, but only if you have the right gear.

18 Dec 2018

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