Saving money

Being able to save money is a character thing much more that whether or not you make big money or not. Some people are "savers" by nature and others are the exact opposite. The key is to take control of your economy, which might be easier said than done, but if you are stubborn enough you can do it.

First you have to take a look att your expenses. Always pay important bills immedialtely after payday, so they are out of the way and you are safe when it comes to housing, phone, electricity and food (but don't spend too much on food, there's no need). After that, check how much money is left and what other expenses you will have the following month, and subtract that amount. 

What is left can be used for spending carelessly, or saving. Or a mix of the two. It is now up to you to chose where they go. Saving money for a few moths may give you enough money to do something really cool, like travel. And saving money for a few years might enable you to buy your dream house. Think about it!

2 Nov 2017

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